Top 10 Best Green Tea in India (2019) – Reviews & Comparison

If you are one of those who has taken a liking to drink green tea on a regular basis then more information about this tea variant would not hurt in any way. 

Even if you are totally new to savoring this tea type, read on to know what the hoopla is all about and how to effectively choose the green tea that’s absolutely perfect for you.

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We Highly recommend you to read the Green Tea Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest green tea technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Green Teas in India

Although my favorite among all is Organic India Tulsi Green Tea but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

The rise of Organic India as a producer of quality green tea is nothing short of being astounding. The company sells green tea in both tea bags as well as loose-leaf format.

With its product range, the company wants to provide quality and the assurance of sound health.

The company sells green tea in the flavors of lemon ginger, earl grey, jasmine, and pomegranate.

However, it should be noted that not everyone is a big fan of the tulsi ingredient which causes a perceivable difference in taste.

This flavor, the one we are talking about is for people who are fine with it if they do not exactly revel at it.



  • It serves to reduce stress
  • The brew is rich in nutrients and of course, anti-oxidants
  • It betters your stamina
  • It serves to stimulate and revitalize
  • It betters the respiratory function of the drinker
  • Organic product
  • Superb flavor
  • Easy availability
  • Price can be afforded
  • The taste of tulsi does not go down well with everyone

This is quite a new name in the field of herbal tea manufacturers, and it is strictly an organic-only tea leaf lineup which means there are zero adverse effects to be considered.

The brand has already created a niche for itself with its myriad product variants as well as easily affordable product offerings.​

But one thing that green tea purists are likely to frown upon is the fact that its products come in powdered form and not as tea leaves.

The various flavors on offer notwithstanding, many consumers feel dissatisfied with the taste that the tea creates.


  • Grown in higher elevation gardens
  • 100% organic
  • Full of healthy anti-oxidants
  • Organic certified
  • Organic nature
  • Not pricey
  • Maybe procured with ease
  • The fine leaves might leave residues in the brew

There is nothing like tea brewed loose and tea leaves that retain the highest amounts of anti-oxidants.

The tea leaves of this product are Whole leaf and not Fanning, Broken leaf or dust tea. Premium pluck bud and two leaves are used to create this green tea product.

It contains 100% natural flavors and not artificial or even nature identical flavors.

Our premium green tea is derived from tea gardens of Assam which are further blended with lemongrass and Kashmir Mint.

The goal of pepping up the refreshment which does not fail in achieving its objective and is effective at bringing relief to tired minds with a great taste.



  • Premium tea leaves from Assam blended with Lemongrass and Mint
  • Superfine whole leaves from Assam form the base and endows the brew with a strong flavor
  • A higher level of anti-oxidants than typical green tea leaves
  • Great refreshing taste
  • Outstanding taste
  • Leaves can be used to brew tea twice without loss in taste
  • No major cons

Grown in the mountain peaks of Ceylon along with the tea leaves of the finest variety, Basilur Tea refers to pure tea from Ceylon.

It is the very essence of quality and never fails to tantalize whichever taste buds’ chance upon it. It makes your cup of tea the best you have ever had the good fortune to taste.

While you are at enjoying the flavor and aroma of our tea, the accompanying tea book will give you all the information about the many ways this cup of tea is benefitting you besides its regal and sublime taste that is both unique as well as rich.

The tea leaves are shipped in a leaf container that is uniquely silhouetted and lets us appreciate the teas from Ceylon to the fullest extent.


  • Savor the glories of summer in your teacup
  • Basilur Ceylon tea is blended with dried strawberries and cranberries diced appropriately along with the exotic taste of forest fruits, cantaloupe and passion fruits
  • The tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day ideally with a hint of pure golden honey
  • The flavors of this tea blend will delight you throughout the summer months.
  • Packaged attractively
  • Unique tea and ingredients blend
  • Pure Ceylon tea
  • Will set you back by a considerable sum

Typhoo is a renowned brand starting out from the UK. In the year 2005, it was acquired by Apeejay Surendra Group.

The green tea manufactured by this brand is not only free from any sort of artificial preservatives, flavors, and sugars but also gives all those who take a sip of the brew an experience of classy taste and health and wellbeing.

This green tea comes in a variety of flavors like Moroccan Mint, Jasmine and Lemongrass. One cup of this tea in the morning will help in the wellbeing of your health.

The tea is high on fragrance and you are just two or three tips in hot water away from a tea brew that makes up for an incredibly tasty green tea experience.

In fact, it tastes so good that fitness enthusiasts have been found to use it as an alternative to their drinks thus making the tea a weapon in their arsenal of tools to lose weight.

But the pricing of the tea is slightly on the higher side.



  • Green tea in the form of leaves
  • A Shelf life of 24 months
  • Organic green tea
  • Bulk Pack Container
  • Available
  • Easily available
  • Inexpensive
  • No major cons

The brand that has been longest in business among the various names mentioned in this top ten list. Its roots are in the UK and the company has been operating since 1706.

 A special characteristic that all Twinings tea products including the green tea variety share are that the tea flavors are derived from actual fruit extracts.

These days people are turning to green tea not only for its health benefits but also to avoid heavy beverages like coffee or milk tea.

The pure green tea variant from the Twinings house is free from caffeine.

You can also take your pick from a host of exotic flavors like jasmine, lemon, pomegranate, cranberry, ginger, and mint.

The mint flavored green tea variant is known to work wonders for an upset stomach.

Twinings green tea belongs to the Sencha variety and is noted for its mildness and creates a smooth experience to savor.



  • Blend of special green tea leaves that soothes the drinker
  • The brew is light golden in color and is smooth and refreshing
  • The tea is mild and is sencha style apart from being full of antioxidants
  • Available in several variants
  • Easy to get hold of
  • Affordable
  • Each tea bag is wrapped in its own packet
  • No major cons

Tetley is among those few brands that manufacture and sells green tea and is widely popular as well.

It comes in a variety of combination tastes that include Citrus, Honey, Cinnamon, Ginger and Spice, Lemon and Mint. Heck!

They even have an Aloe Vera variety that can do wonders for the beauty of your skin by washing away the body toxins.

If for any reason you feel tired, then I am compelled to recommend the honey and cinnamon flavors.

In terms of cost, as the bulk of the product varieties ship in the form of tea bags they can be procured from retail stores with ease.

One thing that goes against this brand’s green tea of quite good quality is that there is not enough public awareness of their product range and its quality.



  • Helps to fight common ailments like cold and flu, honey helps to boost immunity and lemon serves to properly regulate metabolism
  • This flavor blend of honey and lemon gives the drinker of the green tea brew a refreshing feeling perfect to start off the day
  • Can be procured easily
  • Can be afforded
  • Packaging is done on a per bag basis
  • Comes with a bitter under-taste
  • There are very few variants of this green tea product

The grand old tea manufacturing company, Lipton has in the recent past made a remarkable foray into the world of green tea.

The move received major media attention with promotional activities by celebrities from Bollywood.

Lipton’s green tea products stand out by the number of flavors which are suitably differentiated from what rest of the competition is offering.

Some examples of the kinds of flavors we are talking about include Orange passion fruit Jasmine, Matcha green tea, Red Goji Raspberry, Purple Acai Blueberry.

The flavors might be unique but might not suit the taste buds of all persons.



  • Zero calorie drink when milk or sugar is not added
  • Results in glowing skin
  • Looks after the health of your heart
  • Great taste and delicious flavor
  • Keeps you relaxed
  • Available with ease
  • Affordable
  • Available in a number of varieties
  • Steeping too long results in overpowering bitterness
  • Not organic

This brand is a relative newcomer and has proved to be a great option for the discerning buyer of green tea, so much that the competition between the major players has become considerably stiff.

The professed goal of the brand is to provide green tea drinkers an aroma and flavor they like and take delight in.

The company is among the rare ones that handpick and pack tea leaves in order to ensure a fresh and rich experience for the customer.

Our tea leaves transform into a brew of bright liquid drink that stands apart through the vivacity it creates in the drinker.

The tea flavor is delicate and the aftertaste absolutely delightful which tingles on long after the last drop of the cup and run down through the throat.

The tea is full of healthy anti-oxidants that confer several health benefits on regular drinking.


  • Comes in the form of a bag
  • A shelf life of 24 months
  • Box container
  • Available easily
  • Many variants
  • Price is reasonable
  • Packaged attractively
  • All the varieties are not available always

The first thing you will notice about this organic Matcha green tea is the pouch which is really easy to use.

This green tea is derived from tea leaves which are milled into a fine powder green in color with the help of stones.

This effectively means that instead of drinking a mere infusion of green tea leaves, in Matcha you ingest the entire tea leaf and along with it all the great health benefits.

The teas marketed by Kimino are farmed in Mie prefecture. The Matcha variety of green tea contains more antioxidants than any other variety of green tea.

The figures are astounding and this Matcha contains 137x anti-oxidants than ordinary green tea and a whopping 70x anti-oxidants when compared to orange juice.

It has 9x beta-carotene when compared to spinach. The anti-oxidants boost the metabolism while at the same time making the skin look and feel young.

The tea also helps to better the immune system as well as improving focus and concentration.


  • Highest quality Japanese Matcha green tea
  • Enhances memory, energy, and focus
  • Boosts metabolism
  • A good mix for lattes, shakes, baking, smoothies
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Provides relief from stress and toxins
  • Helps in the prevention of a number of major diseases
  • Natural and soothing taste
  • Expensive
  • Not easily available in India

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Green Teas

Origin of the Tea

One of the key things that determine how good the green tea is and if it suits you and your lifestyle is the location and origin of the tea or in other words where it has been grown.

Though green tea indeed had its inception in China that does not necessarily mean that Chinese green tea is the best granted that China does happen to be the largest producer of this type of tea.

You have to keep in mind that pollution is prevalent in China and often the tea plantations are located in the vicinity of factories, highways and industrial towns which is not to be preferred.

Things to Consider While Buying Green Tea

As we said in the lines above green tea plantations near polluted environments make it less effective. This is due to the fact that the plants have the characteristic of toxin absorption from its immediate environment. In this regard the most common pollutant to find its way to the green tea plant is lead.

It is easy for plants to absorb lead through the roots in the soil or through its leaves. You will be well advised to opt for green tea that’s grown in Japan as it is less polluted, and the tea plants are cleaner.

But of course, there are several Chinese green tea plantations that are relatively free from the effects of pollution. But again, that requires investigation and you must know what you are doing. To play safe it is better to go for Japanese green tea.

  • KEEP IN MIND THE ROLE OF PESTICIDES - It is quite common to use pesticides while growing green tea. If you are concerned about the health and quality consequences of the same, you would do well to stick with brands that use only organic pesticides.
  • SHOPPING ONLINE - It is indeed difficult to come across brick and mortar stores that provide only the best quality green tea. You are better off by researching into the credentials of different green tea brands and then ordering one online. In this, this top ten review of the very best green tea that is out there should be of immense help. If possible, try first to get a small sample or order only a little quantity of the tea only to get an idea about what kind of quality it is.
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The Different Types of Green Tea

It is not common knowledge that just like ordinary tea green tea too has several varieties, each of which are characterized by their unique taste and properties.

The anti-oxidants, their quantity to be specific, is also variable and is determined by the maturity of the tea leaves at the time of the harvest as well as the processing mechanism followed by the manufacturer. Usually, mature green tea leaves are found to contain more anti-oxidants than budding tea leaves.

If you are the health-conscious kind who is into green tea because of its health properties then the Sencha Green tea is recommended as it contains the highest concentration of anti-oxidants among all the varieties of green tea? The three varieties that are the most popular are as follows:

Sencha Green Tea

This is the green tea variety that enjoys widest popularity and quantity of consumption. In fact, if you are unaware of the intricacies of green and its consumption but still have had a few sips of the tea, then in all probability it is of this Sencha variety.

For the sake of information, it should be mentioned that Sencha green tea itself can be classified into eight varieties.

The exact preparation method of Sencha Green Tea can be varied, and each method produces different color and flavor of the brew. If you steep the loose leaves of green tea the brew bears a light green color with golden hues.

The same method, when applied to powder tea, creates a lighter shade of the same kind of color. Sencha leaf tea creates a brew that refreshes and uplifts and is crisp. It also has a slight fruit and nut flavored aftertaste. Its powdered counterpart is rich, smooth and indulgent. The aftertaste has a slight astringent hint.

Matcha Green Tea

It was not all that while back that Matcha was the most happening variety of green tea among aficionados of this drink. In fact, people were sort of going crazy and were infusing Matcha with almost anything they could lay their hands on.

Matcha is deliciously delectable without missing out on any of the health benefits that accompany the other green tea varieties. Matcha is nothing but the powdered version of the Tencha green tea variety. This powder is vibrant and light in color.

The frothy drink resulting from the combination of water and the powder creates a delicious bright green colored drink.

This is the most delectable of all green tea types. The typical green tea starts of softly in terms of taste and then proceeds to leave a bold aftertaste. Matcha works in an exactly opposite manner. The taste of the brew is herblike at first and a sweet, indulgent taste is left as the finish.

This type of green tea is great for being infused in other types of drinks as well as food.

Gyokuro Green Tea

The main characteristic which separates Gyokuro variety is the process in which the tea plants are grown. Twenty days before the tea leaves are going to be picked from the bushes, they are enveloped with a cloth which is meant to act as a shade or reed screen. This results in a unique flavor for the tea.

The mode of preparation of this green tea variant is also different and it is steeped longer and at lesser temperatures. Like its preparation, the taste of Gyokuro is also unique. This green tea variety has a unique flavor profile. This flavor resembles seaweed in both smell and taste.

Nonetheless, it has a full-bodied mellow taste.

Green tea bags vs. Loose green tea

If you are picky about consuming only the best quality green tea, then loose green tea leaves should be your first choice as they contain considerably more amount of anti-oxidants than tea bags of green tea. Even the best quality green tea bag is typical of inferior quality the moderately good green tea leaves.

Another fact weighing in regarding this issue is the fact that there is a certain possibility that the tea bag can release unwanted chemicals to your green tea brew and spoil its health benefits. You must be aware that certain tea bags are made of plastic and plastic chemicals are known to leech out sometimes.

Keep These Things in Mind While Buying

  • Ensure that it contains antioxidants - The chief anti-oxidant that green tea contains is EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate. Its quantity varies from one green tea brand to another. Teavana Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea, Lipton Green Tea, and Harney & Sons Organic Green Tea are the brands with the maximum amount of green tea.
  • Opt for loose leaf tea - According to scientific studies, loose leaf tea creates the maximum amount of EGCG in the final green tea brew.
  • Add no sugar - If you are having an iced cup of green tea, then it is not uncommon to also include sugar into the brew. Instead, you will be much better off by adding honey to your tea while it is hot.
  • Use fresh green tea - Compared to other variants of tea, the green tea variety does not exactly have a long shelf life. In fact, its shelf life is limited to about 6 months on an average before the freshness is diminished. However, refrigeration can serve to extend its shelf life for a few more months.
  • Make sure you brew your tea in the right manner - Usually, in order to enjoy a green teacup of eight ounces only a single teaspoon of loose tea should suffice, and it should be brewed for two or three minutes after mixing it with water.
  • Prefer tea belonging to the first harvest - The harvest to which the green tea belongs to also serves to determine its quality. The tea that is picked in the first harvest is of the best quality. The first harvest usually takes place during the months of March and April.
  • Go for organic green tea - Buying organic green tea ensures that the tea is free from chemical and pesticide contamination. Try to procure simple and organic green tea leaves.

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