Top 20 Best Gifts for Your Wife (2019)

Over the years of your marriage, your wife does a countless number of things for you and the family. Her birthday is the best occasion to return a favour and you should do it the best way you can.

Over the years of your marriage, you might have bought many gifts for your wife, paid for many movie tickets and have definitely given her an infinite number of roses.

But do you think this is all she deserves? Don't you want to give her something that can make a happy from the inside that can make a fuel how much she does for you, her husband loves her for that.

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Though it is almost impossible to match the level of kindness your wife shows towards you but here we will be listing some of the best products that will definitely make her satisfied on her birthday.

Let's have a look at Top 20 best birthday gift for wife and make her feel that just like here even her husband cares about her happiness.

We Highly recommend you to read the Gifts for Your Wife Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest gifts for your wife and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 20 Best Gifts for Your Wife

Although my favorite among all is Mi Band 3 Activity Tracker but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

Taking care of your health is the first priority of your wife. But do you think you also take care of your wife the same way?

She wakes you up in the morning for the walk and even advises you for the gym Have you ever done this for your wife? Don't you think she also deserves this?

Let her know how much you care for her by gifting her this birthday MI band 3 Activity tracker.

Is a really pretty piece which can track footsteps, heartbeat, health and one can also receive calls while wearing this.

If your wife loves to read, then what could be better for than this Kindle Paperwhite edition. She would be surprised and loved to see you care so much about her hobbies.

Give for this beautiful gift and tell her that from now she doesn't have to stress her beautiful eyes in the night to read a favourite book.

She can you use this gadget and keep her eyes healthy. and trust me she will be flattered with this idea. What are you waiting for grab this one from Amazon.

Please raise your hand if your wife doesn't require a hairdryer. No one's going to raise their hand. Hair dryer is something every woman will love to use.

So it is their beauty accessory and obviously, your wife is going to love it. This black coloured Nova hair dryer will make her beauty accessory kit even more perfect.

This personalised album can also be a great gifting option for your wife's birthday.

You can simply give her the blank album if it's her first birthday after your marriage and tell how to paste every beautiful memory of her life in this album.

And if you have already spent numbers of years together after marriage you can paste some memorable pictures of you, your wife, your kids and the whole family to make it look a little special for her.

She would definitely love this idea.

If you are actually very Confused about what you should give your wife, then giving her a gift card can also work. This is a black gift card box worth rupees 2000 from Amazon.

As it is a gift card you can decide the card amount. Tell her to use the money the way she wants. This will surely make her happy and help her with the shopping requirements.

Make it a little different this year and gift her this really nice watch. This rose gold coloured watch will going to make her already beautiful hand look even more beautiful. 

Give her this watch and promise her that you will give your time to her.

This photo frame is also a nice gifting option for your wife's birthday. You can personalize this photo frame with your wife photograph.

For that, all you have to do is send an email to the seller, with the message and the beautiful photograph of your wife.

As she will open the gift and see her own picture in the wooden photo frame she will fall in love with this gift.

Also instead of the photograph you can also personalize with a beautiful message and give it a different look.

Women love to wear earrings and when it is gifted by the husband she fell in love for the same. This beautiful earrings from yellow chains studded with sparkling colourful stones.

Your wife can wear it on heavy occasions I can even wear it regularly. Does the earrings are clip-ons they are very easy to wear and your wife will definitely like it.

Face massager is a great product if you want to show your lady how much you care for her.

This will help her to get the face massager therapy at the comfort of home and this is the best point of this gift.

This Facial Massager Machine comes with 5 different attachments which are used for massaging, cleansing, makeup sponge, pores cleaner and cutin remover to enhance her beauty.

Every woman just loves to exercise in this beautiful pearl set from Zaveri will be the best gift for your wife if she is a jewellery lover.

This set contains 1 all pearl choker necklace and two beautiful earrings. It's pearl design and white colour gives it a very elegant look.

This necklace is perfect for your wife to wear on almost every occasion.

Did you see how cute this camera looks. Unlike you spending most of the time in the workspace, your wife always stays surrounded with memories.

And this camera is a great option for those who like to capture and have memories. Your wife can take great pictures with this camera and store them with her.

If taking pictures is your wife's hobby then you should buy this camera at the earliest.

The handbag is a love for almost every women. doesn't matter she has one or many she loves all of them. You can also gift your wife a beautiful handbag.

This combo of Flying berry Women's Handbag is surely going to steal her heart.

If your wife loves to read then give taking home with something she would apply and use can be the best gift.

Homebody A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave is perfect for our homemakers.

Wives always take care of our house and always try to find innovative ideas to make it look even more beautiful.

This book will help her to do the same in the easiest manner. She will surely thank you for this gift.

We know how much you are concerned about the health of your wife but does she know? Don't worry this year prior will definitely explain your feelings to her.

Your wife takes care of you, your kids, your family but what about her she also needs care. This air fryer is a gadget which can fry, back, roast or grill food with less oil and even lesser efforts.

This is the best way of health Management. This gift is perfect not just for your wife but also for your complete family.

We all know how busy a good Vibes are taking care of the home, kids, family and obviously, us can make her go insane.

Thanks to this echo spot she can do it effortlessly by adding some fun. This is an all New Echo Spot loaded with some great features.

This tiny gadget is just like the echo can play music for you, read the news, help you to find the best recipe for your new cuisine and can do multiple other tasks.

But as I said this is an upgraded version of the old echo, this one also has a display.

With is she can see what her kid is doing in the next room, second even watch her favourite television series while doing some other work and playing music is the best part of this gadget.

Get it for your wife and let her know how much you love her.

Let your wife have some me time on this super cosy bean bag. This is an XXL size super large bean bag just the thing for spending some lazy and cuddling time with your wife.

This is such a simple yet caring and romantic gift. Even the colour and the design of this bean bag is perfect as a birthday gift. ​

Present it to your lady love and let her have some lazy time on this bean bag.

Chocolate is a love for every woman. You might be thinking chocolate is so boring unusual idea. But don't worry here we are not talking about the usual chocolates.

These are the special ones as you can personalize it. yes, you can personalize this chocolate box and even the chocolates with your wife name.

You can add her beautiful picture on the chocolate box and give it the special look. You can even write a short message on the chocolates.

You can't even imagine how special she will feel after unwrapping this gift. Don't forget to make a eat chocolates from your own hand!

It is so hectic and exhausting to clean the home every day without fail. This is something your wife does every day for your family.

Have you ever thought of gifting her a helping hand for cleaning? Then you can gift her with this iRobot 900 Series Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaning Robot.

This is a round shaped vacuum cleaning robot which does the task of cleaning all by itself. You just have to start it and it will start cleaning your house for floor automatically.​

Your wife can even connect the robot with her mobile phone and activated from the phone itself. Now you are wife can just set an order the robot to clean the house floor.

I can't imagine how happy your wife will become after uncovering this gift.

Oh, we all love perfumes and if it is the one belonging to the premium version its value increases even more.

This is a Forest Essentials Body Mist, Nargis and it the one created from essential oils. This is completely natural and your wife is going to shower love on you after unwrapping this gift.

You would have surely heard about the usual open and close kind of cards.

And as we know you want to go a little unique even with the little things for your wife's birthday this scroll card is great to give option.

This is an amazing scroll card with a special message for your wife and the best part is it comes with great packaging. emotional message plus nice packaging is equalled to a happy wife.

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Gifts for Your Wife

Your wife is really special for you. She looks after your home, your family and you she takes care of everything just for you and it is your responsibility to keep a happy. whether it is sleeping late at the night or waking up very early in the morning she always keeps on doing some more the other thing.

About the other way, every wife is a superhero of her husband's life. The other way every wife is a superhero of her husband's life. And when it is her birthday it is the responsibility of every husband to make it special for their wife. And for that, you have to buy the most appropriate gift for your wife's birthday.

Finding the perfect gift for your wife is a tough task. You may think it is an easy job but if you actually want to make her feel special the complexity of the task increases. So here it is a simple buyer guide to buy addition fact for your wife that will make her happy.

gifts for wife -feature-

Take the Hint

Many a time does a woman gives men hint about their likes and dislikes. It Might be possible that your wife gives you some hint about what you want on her birthday. So you have to keep your eyes and ears open when your wife's birthday is near.

Somewhere around her birthday, she might give you a hand on what you want this year. The head can be of any type like she might tell you that that dress is very pretty or she might have something in her wish list of the online shopping site.

Understand the hand and get what you want, this will unquestionably make her happy.

Understand Her and then Go for the Gift

It is very very important for you to understand the likes and dislikes of your wife before buying the gift for her. Like we all know every woman loves wearing jewellery but what if your wife likes the elegant piece of jewellery and you gave him something absolutely gaudy and heavy.

Do you think this will make her happy? Not at all. Instead, she will be upset to now that you have no idea about what you want in her life. And hence it is certainly important for you to understand what she adores, before start searching for her gift.

Plan a candlelight dinner

Your wife would have definitely planned a number of candlelight dinners for you. Have you ever tried the one for? I know your answer is going to be no. And that is how this is going to be the most surprising birthday gift for your wife.

In the evening or in the afternoon give her your credit card and tell her to buy whatever she wants as a birthday gift. Now start giving shape to your plan. Arrange some beautiful flowers, dim lighting on the fairy light would work, aromatic candles and cook some food for.

Don't worry if you are not a good cook, you can even order the same from her favourite restaurant. And when she will return she will get the surprise of your life. Trust me she will start glowing with this surprise.

Try Do-it-Yourself Gifts

You might have heard about many DIY gifts. If you really want to impress someone a DIY is the best idea. If you want something your budget, you can definitely go for it. Here all you have to do is a lot of creativity and time. This is what is going to impress your wife.

No matter what you are going to make, she will feel special to know that you have spent so much of your precious time, in making a gift for her. Out of numbers DIY ideas you can go for a DIY photo frame, Happy Birthday explosion box, decorate a room for her, DIY birthday card, etc.

You just have to add few messages for your wife and some beautiful pictures of her and the family all together and you are done. All set to impress your wife and make her special day even more special for her.

Don't make unnecessary jokes

If you are trying to give your wife a surprise and want to keep it in a funny way, you have to be very cautious. This may happen that your wife might be expecting something to the core from you and if in such this situation you make a joke of her birthday she is not going to like it at all.

Instead of making her birthday cheerful you will end up making a mess of her day. When it is about a surprise be very precise on what you should say and what you shouldn't.

Try to buy something expensive

Who doesn't like expensive things but here also, you should know what your wife will like and what she will not. Considering her likes and dislikes you can buy an expensive gift for her. For instance, if she likes bags, you can gift her all really expensive and beautiful looking bag.

And if she likes wearing jewellery, a diamond necklace or a set of diamond studded earrings will be the best option. You can also buy something from the premium range or from the limited edition of the brand she is passionate about.

Limited edition and premium range are the kind of stuff your wife adore can definitely make her joyous.

Show some care for her

You are here which means you obviously care for your wife. However, sometimes you have to show how much you do. Your wife spends her whole day doing some or the other thing for your family and you. It is obvious that she gets exhausted. And here comes your birthday gift into the picture.

Take an appointment from her favourite salon or spa and gift her with the salon or spa session. She would have a great time and feel relaxed after spending the day, taking care of herself only. With this gift, you can tell her how much you care about your wife's inner and outer beauty.

With this relaxation session, she will realise how much you appreciate her hard work towards your family. Don't you think this can be a great gift?

Wife's day out

you spend your whole day on work. It is a normal routine for every husband to get up late in the morning, get ready for work, have breakfast in a hurry, return from the work, have dinner and sleep. Do you even think your family and your wife also deserves your time?

When we are living in such no-time-for-anyone type of situation. Dedicating your whole day to your wife will mean a lot to her.

Plan a day, just the way she will like. Breakfast for her obviously her favourite one, take her on a long drive, watch a movie together, spend some beautiful time and don't forget to have a mesmerizing candlelight dinner. Even thinking of such a beautiful day can make anyone go crazy.

Trust me your wife is going to love you for this idea. Take her out and let her know how much she matters to you.

Gift cards

if you are really very confused and don't have much time and still want to give something really amazing to your life then going with a gift card can save your day. you can go with a gift card according to your budget and let your wife decide what she wants.

With the gift card, she can buy whatever she wants to. She can have a salon session, spend her whole day in shopping or can even buy something she had an eye on. The gift card is the safest gifting option for your wife.

This is something that can make her happy, for sure and you don't have to buy something risky for her.

Simply Ask Her What She Wants

This is again the best thing you can do to make your darling wife happy on her birthday. You just have to ask her what she want. But you have to be a little cautious before doing this. You simply go and ask what she wants she will definitely not going to tell you.

Instead, you can tell her that you have so many ideas in your mind but you want everything should happen the way she likes. In this way, she will tell you what she wants this birthday instead of getting mad on you. But for this idea, be prepared, as she can even ask you for a diamond necklace.

I guess I have given your number of ideas, this you can effortlessly impress your wife. You just have to decide you want to stick to the budget or go out of your pocket to buy some happiness for your wife.

Whatever it is, I know you are going to make your wife, even more, happier on her birthday.

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