Top 20 Best Gifts for Your Husband (2019)

To all the ladies who are searching for the best birthday gift for their darling husband, this place is a one-stop for you.

Today I am going to tell you some of the best birthday gift ideas for your husband that will him fall in love with you all over again.

It is a yearly activity to present your husband with something beautiful on his birthday. But inside of our heart, we all know that we want it to be a little noteworthy every year.

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 Wives get very excited about the birthdays of their husband and it is an obvious thing to make the special day of your loved ones even more pleasant. So to make it uniquely special you can have a look at this list of Top 20 best birthday gift for husband.

Let's take a quick look at the gift ideas and select the one you like out of these for your loving husband.

We Highly recommend you to read the Gifts for Your Husbands Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest husband gifts and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 20 Best Gifts for Your Husband

Although my favorite among all is Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless & Corded but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

This is what exactly every man would appreciate as a gift. Men use trimmer at least 2 to 3 weeks a day and I am sure your husband also belongs to the same category.

With so many good reviews and ratings, this Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless and corded is just the best in the category. Stop waiting, grab this one and let your men use it.

It is the nature of a wife to feel concern about the health of her husband and to show that you can present your love with Mi Band.

It is an HRX edition activity tracker, which will help your husband to keep track of his regular exercise.

This band can show, distance travelled, heartbeat, calories burnt and the best part is it looks so cool and stylish. Buy it for your husband and let him know how much you care for him!

I must say, you are lucky if your husband has a reading habit and if he does, what could be better for him than a Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle is a reading gadget with 6 inches high-resolution display and builds in the light.

It even 4GB of memory where your husband can store many books and WiFi networks for internet connectivity.

This will boost the library of your husband with increasing the number of books in your house. Your hubby will love you more giving her such a useful device.

Though a belt can be considered as a normal gift the quality of this one is impeccable. Marino Avenue Men Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt is made out of the black leather.

This one comes with a Linxx Buckle and Gun Black Glossy Design Buckle. Perfect father 28'' to 44'' Waist size.

Your man will definitely understand the value of this gift and love the quality of this belt.

Does your husband love listening to the music? What am I asking, of course, we all just love to spend our time with the music?

Trust me this Bluetooth earpiece from Tagged inferno will be the most appropriate birthday gift for your husband. This comes with a carry case and 3 set of earplugs.

This one also has a mic which means your husband can even respond to the calls while using this earphone.

Carphone is useful for almost every man. This Zaap Quick Touch One Premium car phone holds is perfect for the car's dashboard and windshield. 

This one is of classy black colour and Belongs to the third generation. Your husband is surely going to like it.

We all know the husbands work so hard to give you and the family a better life. So here make him feel a little relaxed you can gift him a Full body massager.

This will give him the relaxation of the spa at the home. He can use it wherever he wants at his workspace while taking rest at home or watching the news in front of the television set.

If your hubby takes his car while going to the office, boAt Dual-Port Rapid Car Charger will also be a great gifting option.

It is usual for us to forget to charge our phone and just when we see that we have to leave for some work it finds it almost dead. This a great gadget which can charge his phone within a car.

Apart from phones, this charger can charge music player, tablets and other gadgets.

Do you think your hubby is not at all organised? Or he never takes care of his office staff?

Do you want to gift him something that will keep him systematize? If your answer is yes then this Qishare Multi-functional Business Briefcase is what you should grab the earliest.

This briefcase has a space for his official stuff like keys, pen, files and he can even keep his laptop in this bag. Don't you think this is a perfect gift for your men?

Gone are the days when men were not into the cosmetics and grooming products.

The men of today's generation nose it is very important for them as well to take care of their looks and that is why we have brought this beautiful scented candles for your hubby.

This man cave candle comes in a set of 3, Straight Razor, Leather, and Mahogany. These are made up of essential oils and hence gives you pure fragrance.

It is obvious for you to call this very effective product, a bracelet with three stickers. This is an ion bracelet which can provide your husband with strength and energy.

You might have noticed your hubby go tired with hours or work, feeling weak with low energy efficiency and in a situation where he doesn't even want to move from his bed.

You just have to tell your darling to wear this bracelet and he will automatically start feeling energized. This bracelet transfers energy, immunity and strength to your body.

These days we live in the world of cards. We have a card for everything, debit card, credit card, MasterCard, the official card, identification cards and a lot more.

As they are pretty important it is also vital to keep them safe. And to do this in style we have a Fashion Freak Leather Credit Card Case.

Here your husband can keep all his cards can take out one whenever required. This will also help him keep his own self organised.

This is something uniquely different for your husband.

Wives are very much aware of the fact that their husbands have to carry so many keys like a house key, car key, office cabin key, the drawer key, etc; and it is tough to remember where you kept it.

So, here we have a wireless keyboard finder which can make the life of your husband easier. Using this gadget your husband can easily find the key, doesn't matter where ever he has kept.

And trust me your husband will start admiring your gift selection techniques.

The veins are known for carrying so many keys like office keys, car keys, home keys etc; forgot keychain would definitely make a nice gift.

But when the kitchen is premium its value increases a lot. This Olivery Leather Valet Key Chain comes with 4 Detachable Key Rings.

This comes in a very classy black colour and your husband would love to show it off on his waist. Isn't this gift a perfect combination of useful and classy once?

This is the best gift for your man. This valet is specially designed to organise men's accessories like valet, belt, tie, watch etc.

Trust me your husband will going to love it as he will feel organised than never before using this valet.

Also, the look of this box is great, it comes in a chocolate coloured faux leather which gives it a stylish appearance.

Parker is a pen company we have been known to since we were kids.

If you want to buy something in the budget and also usable for your husband going with Parker Vector Mettalix Fountain Pen can save your day.

Because this pen not just fits your bill but also will be loved by your hubby as he can use this one on his office. I think every wife should give it a try at least once.

Gifting your husband a camera is unusual to do if you want to go differently than a GoPro will be a great idea.

This black colour GoPro Hero 5 action camera is just saying for the camera lovers. and if your husband loves The adventure park then you should grab this one at the earliest.

This is the most loved camera of the year, as it can even shoot under the water. This one comes with a 1-year warranty.

You can even Mount this camera on your helmet, on the bike or even on the bonnet of your car and shoot some amazing videos.

Though this one is a little expensive, you can definitely take a risk of spending money on an amazing gadget like GoPro Hero 5 action camera.

We all know that unlike the normal gift, personalized gifts create a different impression. At the very first glance, it creates the bond with everyone.

It connects with our past memories and hence it ultimately becomes special. This photo frame can also be customised easily.

You just have to email the seller with all the photographs you wish to see on the frame and you get your photo frame at the earliest.

This one is the most Romantic gift you will find in the market.​

It has an envelope enclosing 8 cards. These are not the normal cards, they are the ones with beautiful and some naughty messages.

And the best thing about this gift is you can easily customise it with the pictures and messages of your choice. Isn't that great?

Though we have already lost the era of pocket watches, still people considered them as a classy statement love to keep the one pocket.

This Lmp3Creation Black Classic Vintage Retro Antique watch is of metallic black colour and has beautiful hearts and spider web design all over it.

This one comes with a chain and your man will definitely like to keep it in his pocket.

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Gifts for Your Husband

Are you bored of giving your husband wallet and shirts on his birthday? Want to try something different? Then you are in the right place.

We generally spend weeks and months on deciding what you should give our husband as a birthday gift. and at the end, we are left with nothing but no time and no idea. and hence we end up giving him something very usual and common.

But with this buyers guide, this year is definitely going to be pleasantly surprising for your man. Here I am going to tell you how you can make the usual gift unique and what you should give to your husband to make his birthday even more special. Stick to the guide and let's see what you choose for your hubby.

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Bring Out Your Creative Side

Husband’s birthday celebration is a kind of early ritual for wives and you are bound to gift him with watches, wallets and shirts extra. Let's make this year different for him. Your little creative mind an out of the box thinking can add a lot of sparkles in your husband's birthday celebration.

You just have to put some extra efforts in finding the most appropriate gift for your husband. It is not important to surprise your husband only on the first birthday together or on his 50th birthday, you can do the same every year by adding some creativity to the regular idea.

As it is only you who knows your husband better than anyone else in the world and hence it is only you who can decide what he would love to have on his birthday. Go with something he enjoys, at some sparkles to the normal gift or you can simply surprise him with whatever he had his eye on.

And trust me, he will definitely admire you for the same.

Stick to a Planned Budget 

As we all know birthdays comes once a year and husbands birthday is the most exciting day for the wives. And just because of that sometimes we overlook the budget and goes beyond everything to get the most desirable gift for husband.

But you know even budget is a very important part of the house, and your husband may not like if you disturb the same just for the sake of his birthday gift. it is very normal to come across some tempting gifts for your husband but you have to be careful about the price of these gifts.

Here you have to take care of the budget, or else you have 12 months to is money and buy whatever expensive gift you want without hurting your budget. And if you hold the strength of buying whatever you can for your man, this section is definitely not for you.

Creative or expensive

While planning the perfect birthday gift for your husband this is the most important decision you have to make. Decide whether you want to go creative you are ready to spend more money. By being creative and by spending some time you can make your husband some beautiful gifts.

Like a beautiful photo frame, birthday explosion box, decorating the house or making a cake for him.

This is the not so expensive and creative part of the birthday celebration. On the other hand, if you want to go expensive you can buy him, some limited edition product, premium products or product with grade brand value. all these products are going to be really expensive and can hurt your pocket.

If you have a good budget and you know the likes and dislikes of your win you can definitely go with the second option.

Personalised birthday gifts

Personalised birthday gifts in tradition these days. you can definitely get the one for your husband as this personalized gift will make your husband feel special. You can easily customise this gifts by sending the name of your husband or the message I want to display on the gift to the seller.

Many sellers provide you with an option of email where you just have to send whatever you want to display on the gift. You can give plan for a customised coffee mug, keychain, valet, bathrobe, pillows, night lamp etc; make him feel loved.

Grooming kit

the importance of grooming kits for men is increasing nowadays. The 21st century immense knows how to take care of them and for that they are showing their interest in men's grooming kit. If you want your man to look stylish and super cool then this grooming kit is also a good option on his birthday.

I have also included this one in the list because it is not that common when it comes to gifting it to your husband. Some grooming kids even have premium sets which are the great gifting option. You can simply gift him with this one and let him know how much you care for him.

Club Membership

Men love to enjoy their time with their friends. And if you are seriously concerned about him spending quality time with you and his friends, then a club membership is also a great idea.

You can give them the membership for the club he as desired for or the club where most of his friends are members except your husband. This will make your husband feel how much you care about his happiness and quality time.

If he doesn't like the clubs, you can even give him the membership of his favourite magazine. Because I think a magazine is a love for every man.

Candlelight dinner

What could be more beautiful and romantic than a mesmerising candlelight dinner. For that, you have to decorate your home with some pretty yet dim lighting. Everything your husband loves to eat. Arrange a bottle of champagne is red wine will be a good option.

The candles are the most important part of the candlelight dinner. Get some aromatic candles and arrange them beautifully all around the house and on the dinner table. With so much of arrangement, trust me your husband will fall in love with you all over again.

Games and musical instruments

Every man is a big fan of some or the other games. Being a wife you must be knowing game attracts your husband the most. Find out that game and if he doesn't have the one bring it for him. If she already has the one bring the updated version of the same for your husband.

Some games even provide their exclusive range, you can even surprise your husband with the same.

Golf kit and PlayStation is the best option in the gaming section. Also if your husband is into playing some musical instrument you can also bring that musical instrument and give you her husband the big surprise. your husband will definitely feel great to see his wife supporting his interests.

Create a musical video

Creating a personalized music video is all in the trend these days.

Taking the help of some modern applications you can easily make a beautiful music video for your husband. Gathering the memories of you and him and the complete family all together with the beautiful song running in the background and some animations can make the video steal the show.

The song you are going to put in the video should be the one you love the most, but obviously not the sad one. Let him see the video and get the flashback of all the beautiful memories you have with him. He will feel touched by this beautiful video.

Spend a day together

Beautiful day for your husband with all the things we love to do. You can start a day with the breakfast of his life and take him wherever he wants. Going on a long drive to a beautiful garden or a dance club or on a dinner date can also work.

Don't forget watching a romantic movie with him, obviously if he likes to. You can end the day with a romantic candlelight dinner. This will really give a ravishing feeling to your husband and I guess this is what every wife want on her hubby's birthday.

Something naughty

Obviously is your husband and playing not everything is you are right. Can find many not a gift online or even available in the market. Like if it is going to be only two of you in the celebration, you can order a naughty looking cake for your husband.

Or a beautiful design envelope with some naughty messages can even work. And above all, you can even try to play some Naughty games with him. You can use the buyer guide and grab the idea you find the best for you and your husband.

I hope is buyer guide will help you to buy the most appropriate gift for your husband and make his birthday the happiest one.

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