Top 10 Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend (2019)

Most of us think thank buying a gift for our boyfriend is an easy job as we know them very well.

We women always are confident of our choices and we think that since we pick and choose the best for them, they would love it.

In that process, we often miss out on the most important thing, the person in question and his choices.

We might like the color pink a lot and buy a pink shirt thinking that they would love it. It is an in thing, and wearing pink is no longer looked down upon, however, it’s not necessary that our boyfriends always will think that way.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular choices of gifts with men, which most of them would like.

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Top 10 Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Although my favorite among all is Clothing and Shoes but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

Since it is my boyfriend and we would want him to look handsome and appealing to most, I spend a lot of time searching for the right kind of clothes for him.

I often spend hours on online sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Shoppers Stop and Myntra when I am on the way to office in my office cab or sitting idle.

Even on weekends when we are out on a date, we go to malls and shopping arcades and I pick up unique clothing items for him.

Since I know about his taste now as we have invested a lot of time and energy in this relationship, it is easier for me to pick up gifts for him.

Well-groomed men always go for fresh smelling perfumes and deodorants and it enhances their appeal to women. Also they come across as professional and smart.

Dressing well is must in today’s world for professional success and if you want your guy to succeed, then you will definitely want to gift him some good ones:

#3. Books

It is said that books are the best gifts one can give to anyone, and a relationship of boyfriend is not an exception.

So if your guy loves to read, this is one of the best things you can give him.

You may choose to give books related to his career, self-help books or fiction if he loves to read some specific author like Shiv Khera, Paulo Coelho, Amish, Jeffery Archer, Mario Puzo etc. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Men often love gaming consoles, expensive mobile phones which have gaming capabilities, play stations, tablets for making presentations etc.

So if you are planning to splurge on your man, then buying gadgets for him will be a great idea. Here are some of the great options available to you:

It is a saying that if you receive a wallet as a gift, then money will flow in soon. I love gifting my guy wallets and he believes that the wallets which I gift bring luck to him.

I never give the wallet empty as it is believed that it brings in bad luck.

So either I fill it with a sweet hand written note, which talks about our strong bond, or I put a handmade handkerchief or similar small items. I also put a one rupee coin for good luck.

If your man is the fashion conscious one, then he will definitely love these things. A man always looks amazing donning a neck tie and displaying a nice pair of cufflink set.

In India the weather is not suitable for someone to wear blazer all the time, but in those special occasions, when he wears one, and you feel that he is the most handsome man on earth, I am sure you would love to see him with all the accompaniments.

Men often travel out of town for work related purposes and they constantly need to have a decent collection of luggage items.

Since sometimes their business trips may last for a few days, to a few weeks to a few months. So buying this will be a great gift always.

Also most of the men carry a backpack at work even though when they are at junior management positions and do not carry laptops.

When they have a laptop, it becomes customary to carry a laptop.

These are some gifts which do not cost much, but I am sure your boyfriend would love them.

You may choose to print the pictures of your togetherness and put it on the coffee mug or sipper.

If he loves to drink occasionally and owns as mini bar at home, then a nice bar set will be a good gift.

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Types of Gifts - Occasion based


On birthdays, I want to make the day special for him. Instead of one gift, I love to make it an experience for him. Normally I start planning for his birthday months before it arrives. I take a few days leaves from work and decorate my home, the venue which is selected for the celebrations. 

I ensure that he does not come home during the week of his birthday and since we are together for 3 years now, he understands now and loves the surprises.

I normally throw a party, and invite all his friends and colleagues and our common friends. I try to bake a cake, and sometimes buy it from a reputed bakery. I get all the dishes of his choice from our regular pick up joint and decorate the house with candles and flowers.

I normally prefer theme parties like Hawaiian theme, red dress code, or Egyptian Mummy theme. You may use google to find such great party ideas. I normally give one big gift like a gadget or watch along with some small gifts which he needs like ties, socks, books, deodorants etc.

If you are in a live-in relationship, then it is a little difficult for you to plan a surprise as he will always be present. So in that case you may buy the gifts and hide them in places which he normally does not use, and on the day of the celebrations, ask the friends to keep him busy till you are ready for the party.

Then the surprise unfurls and we enjoy with celebratory wine or champagne, great music, good conversations, dance sessions and more. The gifts normally are exchanged before the party and my boyfriend shows them with pride to his friends when they arrive for the party.

If you both are staying with your families, then this kind of celebration might not be possible. However, you should make an effort to meet him on that day with one special gift like a jacket, pullover, watch or some other small gifts which you could have collected over the months.

Do not forget to get a cake and do a small celebration in a coffee house or small restaurant. Or you may choose to go with all the friends to a movie and give a movie treat to all the friends.

Promotion, bon voyage, new job etc. 

Career is the most important thing in a man’s life and if you have chosen a boyfriend who is ambitious, then celebrating his success is a must. If he has got a new job, or a promotion, or an onsite opportunity, then try to throw a party and invite all the significant people who are important in his life. 

Even if you are staying with your family, or he is staying with his family, and you both have revealed about your relationship to the respective families, then this celebration is must.

If your relationship is new, and you have not revealed about it to your family and friends, even then do not shy away from celebrating. Book a nice restaurant and have a small celebration. Order a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate his success and he will love you forever.

Just buy a nice dinner jacket, or an expensive pen set, or a tablet, or tie set, or a watch which denotes success and gift the same to him on his special day. You may buy a trolley or backpack if he is going to another city or country for his next assignment as it will come handy.

You may choose to gift an idol of Lord Ganesha or laughing Buddha as a good luck charm when he start his new assignment or job. 

First Date Anniversary

If you want to make your first date anniversary special, then along with buying some nice gifts like a tie set, or a bar set, or sports items or any other thing which he loves, you will have to keep a few other things in mind.

You may also choose to gift couple watch set, couple T shirts, couple T shirts, couple photo frames, couple beer mug set, couple apron set etc.

If possible, take a leave from work on that day. If you are staying alone or in a live-in relationship with your boyfriend, then start with making a special breakfast for him. In regular day to day lives, you both might be busy building your respective careers and cooking might not be the thing for you guys, but on that special day, make him feel special.

Then both of you may choose to go out on a date, or book a couple massage session, bungee jumping session or any other session which both of you enjoy. It is advisable at this stage of your lives not to involve others on this day, as you both are not yet officially married.

You may choose to go down the memory lane and talk about how you met and how your relationship panned out.

Both of you may choose to visit all those special places which have some importance in your lives, like the coffee house where you had your first date, or the movie theater where you watched the first movie.

Valentine’s Day

Every couple would love to celebrate this day of love with special mementoes and what can be a better gift than creating a collage with some special pictures of both of you. Or you may buy a couple beer mug or champagne glass set on which ‘’He’’ and ‘’She’’ are engraved.

Both of you can use it for your special dinner dates at home. You may get coffee mug set with the pictures of both of you, and if both of you are in a live-in relationship, you can have your morning coffee together in that mug. 

If both of you live separately, or with your respective families, still you may use it in the morning which will remind you of your sweetheart in the beginning of the day.

Your boyfriend would appreciate anything which you create, than a gift which you buy off the shelf. If you are good in knitting, knit a sweater for him. If you are a painter, then paint an exclusive picture for him. If you are a singer, then record some special dedications just for him and gift him on this special day.

If you are a poet or writer, then write a poem for him and frame it. No matter what you do, try to spend some time together today even if you can’t manage to take leaves from your respective work places. Share a special meal, or a movie or any other hobby which both of you have.


Make some special dishes like seviyan during Eid, or bake a cake during Christmas. No matter which religion you follow, celebrating festivals will always bring cheer and joy to your household. On Diwali, Holi and any such occasion, organize a small get together and invite friends.

Along with ordering from outside, make an effort to make one dish to entertain the guests. If you are invited to other people’s homes, make the most of it and go with your boyfriend there. Include him in your life.

Buy a nice ethnic kurta set during the festivals, or a tuxedo during Christmas. Since both of you might be in the initial years of your career, and are yet to build a proper wardrobe, he will appreciate these special gestures.

Gifting an smartphone or tablet too can be a great idea as we get great discounts during the festive seasons.

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Types of Gifts - Budget Based

Under 1000- You may choose to buy books, tie sets, bar sets, bed covers, cushion covers, headphones, deodorants, wallets, perfumes and many other things in this budget.

Since both of you might have started a relationship recently, I would suggest you to spend less, as in case the relationship does not work out, both of you do not blame each other for draining each other financially.

That becomes extremely difficult to handle along with a break-up which anyway is quite difficult to deal with.

Under 2000

If you have invested a few years in your relationship, and are planning to take the next big step, then you may start buying a little expensive gifts like watches, perfumes, expensive tie sets, shirts, trolley bags, gaming keyboards, sports items etc.

Just keep in mind that you do not pick up things which he already has plenty in number and might not be expecting as a gift.

Men normally do not say much when they receive a gift because they do not want to hurt the emotions of their sweethearts, but you will realize later that something which you gifted is lying in the cupboard or closet and he does not use it much.

If required take him along with you for that shopping trip and check with him before ordering from Amazon or flipkart. Always keep the option of returning it open, and do not get into any kind of emotional drama. 

Under 10,000

This is a stage when both of you almost have reached a stage when you might be planning to tie the knot soon.

Make your man feel like a king. Buy an expensive watch or a piece of jewelry. You may even start doing the shopping for your wedding bit by bit, because buying everything in one go often can be stressful, emotionally and financially.

Start buying the expensive ethnic wear which you will be wearing on the wedding day, and the tuxedo for the reception. You may gift a luggage set which will include a backpack for his office, a rucksack for your future trips and a trolley bag for his business trips.

You may even buy a gold bracelet or diamond ring which will be a gift for life. And now with lifetime exchange offers, they can be renewed too. So seal your bond of love with that special gift and we wish both of you a lifetime of happiness.

My thoughts and recommendation

Since the society has conditioned men to be the providers, and women the caretakers, decent and genuine men do not expect women to spend a lot of money in buying expensive gifts. However, now since most of us are working women, and we have our own money, we love to buy gifts for our families and friends.

My thoughts and recommendation would be to go slow in a relationship, and unless you are sure of that relationship. In the initial days, do not spend a lot of money in buying expensive watches or gadgets for your boyfriend. Also, beware of scrupulous men who use women to fulfill their needs.

They are like parasites, and they will always end up conveniently forgetting their wallets whenever both of you are out on a dinner date or movie date. If you have observed this behavior several times, then it’s time to move out of that relationship.

Do not let yourself to be used by someone in the name of love. Love should be based on trust, friendship and a solid ground of equality. If a man is not capable of taking care of these small things today, tomorrow he will not be able to manage the responsibility of a family.

However, if you have spent a few years in a relationship, and have gone through various ups and downs, then celebrating little moments is very important. Start giving gifts on his birthday, on your first date anniversary, Valentine’s day etc.

Build your relationship on solid grounds, however, never do the mistake of buying a ring and proposing to the man. Keep on dropping hints that you are ready to take the relationship to the next level, but always allow the man to go down on his knees and propose marriage to you.

So with that happy note, that these gifting ideas will help you to build a stronger relationship with the man of your life, and create a fulfilling and meaningful relationship with him.

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