Top 10 Best Gifts for Girls (2019)

With the onslaught of the festive season, we all are waiting to buy some nice gifts for our friends and family.

We already have bought quite a few during the Diwali and Dussera season and are planning to buy some more during the Christmas and New Year season.

But while doing that, most of us have gone through the turmoil of choosing the right gift.

What is the right gift? Can there be a guideline for that? Well if we ask this question to anyone, everyone will give one generic answer, ‘’buy something which he/she likes.’’ 

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True, but we often do not know that. We don’t want to spoil the fun by asking that question to the person. So we struggle to find that right gift for our loved one and hoping that he or she will like it. To save you from that trauma, here we have compiled a list of ten best gifts which more or less all the girls will like.

How do I know it? Because I am a woman and I have always enjoyed receiving these gifts from my loved ones.

We Highly recommend you to read the Gifts for Girls Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest gifts for girls and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for Girls

Although my favorite among all is Fashion Jewelry but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

Girls and jewelry go hand in hand since time immemorial. 

If we go to any museum of natural history, we will see that cave women too used beads, flowers and much other stuff to create jewelry.

So today we might be in the twenty first century, but women still love jewelry the same way.

Young girls love tiaras, fancy hair bands, and beaded jewelry. You can buy some junk fashion jewelry for the teenage girls and they are available for as cheap as Rs. 20 or so.

Even grown up working women love junk jewelry. So this is one gift you will seldom go wrong with unless you are buying for a tomboyish girl.

They too love jewelry, but the taste will be a little different. Check out some of the most popular jewelry items which you can buy online:

This is another gift which is much needed for any girl once she enters her teens.

She would like to keep her money safe in a wallet when she goes to school or with her friends.

It also increase her sense of responsibility as she will now have to start taking care of her own money.

Let’s look at some of the most popular designs:


If you are planning to gift to a small girl, then you can go for those fairy kind of frocks which look really cute. You may pair it up with matching shoes and hair band. Young girls like to wear funky clothes, fashionable T shirts, stylish jeans etc.

Some of the popular designs these days are:

If you are planning to buy a gift for a teenage girl, then this is a perfect one for her.

She is just entering puberty and she would love to dress up well when she is going out with her friends for a movie or even a chat eating session.

Also these days’ schools organize various fairs where girls love to flaunt their best dresses and a hint of a nice perfume would always be welcome.

Check out some of the most popular deodorants and perfumes for girls:


Young girls always get excited with the idea of starting to use a little make up. You can start with some kajal pencils, a little lip gloss and may be a little base of BB creams.

They should not be using lipsticks on a regular basis, however college going girls love to use lipsticks and nail enamels. So these gifts again will be appreciated by any young woman.

Some popular cosmetics with teenaged girls:

Another part of growing up is wearing watches.

On one hand the young girl needs a watch during the exams to check if she is able to finish her paper on time, she also likes to wear it as an accessory.

 Now a days all the girls will possess multiple watches to match their dresses. Some of the popular ones with young girls:

Girls love to buy different sandals to match their different dresses. So this can be a good gift for a little girl if you are familiar with the size of her feet.

It will be a good idea to take her to the showroom and allow her to try on different pairs and choose the most comfortable one.

Some of the popular patterns for girls are:


#8. Books

Books are the best friends for boys and girls. But when it comes to gifting books, we should know the exact taste of the person.

It is better to check with the person or his or her close family to check for the exact match.

If someone reads fiction and love stories, and we gift an auto biography, or self-motivational book, then it mostly will not be appreciated.

It will find a place in the book shelf of the person, but not the reading list.

Girls mostly like to read about fairy tales like Cinderella, and other Russian, Indian, Arabian fairy tales. They also like stories with moral ending like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Jataka Tales, Vikram Betal etc.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the language in which the child is comfortable. If he or she reads books in English, then we can safely buy them books in English.

We can also tell them to start reading books in English to improve their vocabulary, grammar and sentence construction.

If they love to read books in other Indian languages, you may choose that too.

You may choose to buy the hardcover bound books or if the girl owns a kindle, then the kindle version. Just ensure that the boy does not own the book already.

  • Even though the girls today may not be interested in reading about • Stories from the Panchatantra, we must give this as a gift. They need to learn about the roots of our culture through this.
  • It is available in paperback, audio CD, kindle edition, hardcover versions from different publications.
  • The girls may not read it unless the parents force her to read it. It might be lost under the pile of the numerous science fiction, romance, biography and other books.

Backpacks are one of the most useful gifts and they are loved by girls.

Since they need to carry their books, sports gear, music class or dance class accesories and all their belongings to school, swimming classes, dance or music classes, badminton or any other sports practice classes; they will always welcome different types of backpacks.

On an average any school going girl will own 4-5 backpacks these days.

This is one safe gift you can give to any girl and it will always come handy as the old one will wear out and her family will have to buy a new one. 

Girls also love different kinds of sling bags and other types of bags which they can carry when they go out with their friends for a movie or pizza party.

Just be a little careful while buying the designs. Do not buy a backpack with the picture of a superheroes or anti-heroes as they are typically designed for boys.

Girls normally prefer the ones with the cartoons of Cinderella, Barbie, Hanna Montana etc. 

Gold will never lose its sheen. We often like to gift expensive items to the daughters of our family members as the Indian tradition demands that.

With the birth of a girl child in the family, the extended family starts pouring in, and they prefer to give something made of gold or silver.

Since gold and silver jewelry can be reused, its value never is considered less. Many consider gifting gold and silver coins as auspicious. 

Some of the popular patterns which you can buy online:

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Gifts for Girls

Types of Gifts - Occasion based


Please buy a gift which the girl loves to give on her birthday. Do not buy utensils for her mother, or games which her brother plays. If she is a teenage girl, she may not appreciate barbie dolls or other dolls and kitchen sets. She might appreciate a funky dress or earrings, or a purse or clutch. 

She is growing up and wants to feel that change in her wardrobe and personal items. Again the key is to check with the family before choosing the ideal gift.

Passing an exam

Passing the class tenth or twelfth board exams always calls for celebrations and close families like to give some gifts during this time. Most people would send some money to the parents, or these days might end up buying amazon, Myntra, Shoppers Stop or flipkart gift coupons.​

It is not a bad idea because the girl can buy something which she wanted to buy. It might be her first make up kit as she is preparing to go to college now. Or it may be the funky pair of stilettoes which she had seen her screen diva wearing. Or it might be a party dress because now she will be attending prom nights.

So allow the girl to do her decision making as she is a young adult now and she will very soon step into adulthood.


Festivals is another occasion when the close family members like to send some gifts. It may be Diwali, Durga Puja, Rakhi, Bhai Dooj, Eid or Christmas.

Clothes often become the obvious choice during such occasions, but since school going children don’t get much opportunity to wear other clothes much as most of their waking hours are spent in school uniforms, having a wardrobe full of clothes does not help much.

Also since they are in a growing age, their clothes will soon become small for their size. Always look for a gift which the girl will cherish for life. Maybe a set of books which she wanted to buy, or a kitchen set too can be an ideal gift during festivals.

Or you may even check with the parents and sponsor a part of the education if you know that the family is finding it difficult to manage it.

Opening a savings a/c for the girl child

This is one thing every family should do the moment a girl child is born. Open a savings account in her name and deposit all the money which the relatives give in the first few years when they come home to see the child. 

As your daughter grows, you will see that her savings too will grow with time. The parents will be operating the account and this money will help her in her higher education and marriage later.

Open the Govt. sponsored Sukanya Sammriddhi Yojana schemes and it will be the best gift for the girl child. Relatives can always sponsor premiums and that will be the best gifts ever. 

Types of Gifts - Budget based

Under 500

Budget plays a huge role while choosing a gift. You may choose to buy books, kitchen sets, dolls and other toys, water bottles, tiffin boxes, geometry boxes, color pencil sets, water color sets, junk jewelry depending on the choice of the girl.

If it is a teenaged girl, then you can go for perfumes, ear rings, bracelets and deodorants which she can wear during prom nights etc. You can even buy some funky T shirts, kurtis for her to wear to her tuition classes.

Under 1000

If you have a decent budget, then buying a good backpack, or even gifting a school uniform set will be useful. You can buy a nice pair of sandals or a nice dress in that budget. Young girls also appreciate nice silver jewelry and you too will feel satisfied that you gifted something in silver which can be reused later.

You may give a combination of a backpack and some nice books, or a pair of sunglasses and a clutch.

Under 5000

If you are planning to spend a good amount, then deposit it in her bank account which will be useful for her later. You may buy a gold coin, and give it to the parents of the girl who can use it later to buy some jewelry for her. Or you can buy some pendant or earring yourself too.

Do not spend a lot of money in buying dresses or shoes as they will not be useful after a few years.  

gift for girls -feature-

Types of Gifts - Other

Sponsor a vacation

Here you might be dealing with a girl whose parents do not want her to go on a school trip because they do not have the budget for it. If you are a close family member, or family friend, then you may choose to sponsor that.

The young lady will remember you forever for sponsoring her first vacation alone with her classmates.

Sponsor a summer camp

There are many theme based summer camps these days. Some will have the theme of sports, some dance, some will be meant for quiz wizards, some for chess wizards. Based on the interest of the girl, sponsor one such summer camp.

It will go a long way as she will use all she had learnt in such camps in her daily life, and it will develop her personality.

Sponsor a dance session

If the girl is interested in dance, and Shiamak Davar International, Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute is coming to your city and conducting a dance workshop, then help her to fulfill her dreams. Gift her the dance class, and you never know. You might be nurturing a talent which will shine in the near future.

My thoughts and recommendation

Remember the days when we were young boys and girls. How excited we used to feel when our uncles and aunts visited our homes, especially the ones who always used to get gifts for us. We used to wait for them to open their suitcases and take out the goodies for us.

Many of us who had relatives living abroad, we used to wait for their annual visit to India. We loved getting their gifts which they used to bring from abroad. In 1980s and 90s many of those dolls and toys were not available in India and I used to love receiving them.

Today, whenever I buy gifts for the daughters of my friends, I always try to give something which is useful for them, or something which they are planning to buy. Recently one of my friend’s daughter got 91% in her class 10th board exams and I wanted to give her a gift.

She wanted to buy an Encyclopedia Britannica series which was quite expensive. Hence I made my contribution and she received money from many others. Finally with the collective money, she managed to buy it.

I normally buy a small gold pendant or a pair of ear rings when I go to meet the new born daughter of a close friend. It costs less than Rs. 3000 or so, but the feeling of gifting gold is different. Once the daughter grows up, they can always exchange it and buy something else.

We often forget a few things while buying gifts for girls. We put our choice into consideration while choosing a gift. For e.g. while choosing a backpack, we are not buying it for a corporate executive, but a school going kid. She would love to have the pictures of some fairy princesses or some cartoon characters instead of the logo of the manufacturer.

So when you are buying a gift for a girl child, remember when you were that young. Would you have enjoyed receiving that gift? If the answer is yes, then buy it. Another aspect which many adults forget is the age of the child.

When I was growing up, my parents celebrated my birthday with a lot of love and care every year. I still remember that on one birthday, the mothers of my friends had sent steel utensils for my mom. I was in class 2 and was so disappointed after opening each gift as there was nothing for me.

Maybe they were helping my mom to set up her kitchen, but I was upset. I wanted them to send those gifts to her on her birthday, not on mine.

So do not spoil the birthday party of a little girl. Give her gifts which she would love to receive and will cherish them for the years to come. Something she would love to show off to her friends.​

When that little girl steps into her teenage, treat her like one. Do not get the same kinds of dolls, games, tiaras and board games for her. Help her to discover her womanhood. Gift her a purse or clutch. Or a bottle of perfume and you will see her beam with joy.

When that girl steps into adulthood and starts going to college, give her the accessories which are in fashion. You will continue to be her favorite aunt or uncle if you just remember these small tips and when she grows up and starts working, may be one day she will get a gift for your with her first salary.

That will fill you with so much pride. That the little girl whom you saw growing is now a young woman.

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