Apple AirPod Review (2020)

AirPods are one of the masterpieces of Bluetooth technology. These wireless earbuds are created by world-famous, leading tech company Apple.

The 3rd generation Apple AirPods launched on October 30, 2019. Here we will enrich our knowledge about the 3rd generation AirPods. Let's begin.

First of all, these AirPods are not useful only to hear audio, but they have a microphone as well through which you can attend calls and talk to the digital assistant of Apple, known as Siri.

All these are in-built features without any extra appliance or space. These are the special features of the AirPods and do not hamper its performance.

What is unique about the Apple AirPods is that they have in-built accelerometers along with optical sensors. 

apple airpods

It is due to these that the AirPods can sense when you take them out of the ear, so they pause the audio file that you were listening to. You can also double-tap the AirPods to pause whatever you were listening to.


Though these Airpods have been developed by the Apple corporation, they are compatible with other devices as well. For sure, they will support iOS, but they can be used with android devices as well, and others that have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

Though limited features can be accessed with other devices, such as automatic switching via iCloud can only be used by iOS devices and not any of the other devices available in the market.

All About AirPods Pro

The latest AirPods Pro has all the features and traits that the 1st and 2nd generation models had. It had an in-built microphone, accelerometers, optical sensors, H1 chip, etc. The microphone in this model also has noise cancellation property.

What is different is that it has an active noise cancellation feature, which is not present in the previous two models. Moreover, it has adaptive equalization along with being water and sweat-resistant. The silicon tips of this one are interchangeable, and these AirPods come with their charging case.

The main variation is that instead of tapping, users now have to press the force sensor on it that is present in the stem of the AirPods. And the active noise cancellation feature can be turned off as well in case you want to hear your surroundings.

This is done by changing the mode to ``transparency”. This change of mode is made by pinching the stem of the AirPods, and it is able to recognize this with the help of new force sensors in it.

The additional features in the AirPods Pro have resulted in a shorter battery life of 4.5 hours, unlike its previous versions. And this is mainly due to the noise cancellation feature. The adaptive EQ feature tunes the music according to the shape of the ear.

The compatibility of the AirPods Pro is similar to the 1st and 2nd generation; that is, they can be used with any device that has Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. And the same restriction on features mentioned earlier in this article.

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Features of AirPod Pro


The Apple AirPods Pro has been launched at the starting price of $249.99. So you can see there does not exist a difference of very large amounts between the prices of all three models. There is no doubt in the fact that the latest model is the most advanced one.

That is the reason behind the variation and the increased price of the newest model.


There is an almost negligible difference between the designs of the AirPods. All the AirPods have the same classic white color. The basic design of all the AirPods is just like any other earpods, no wires, only the bud, and the stem. Though the stem of the AirPods is thick as it contains the battery and microphone of the bud.

But Apple has its own unique style that can be seen in these AirPods as well. So it would depend upon the person whether he/she likes the design by Apple or not, it comes down to personal preference.

The difference is that the Apple AirPods Pro comes with replaceable silicone ear tips, unlike its predecessors.

airpods 2


It is true what Apple promised with its AirPods 2019 model, the connectivity is indeed better than the very first AirPods model of 2016, as per the reviews and feedback. This became possible with the H1 chip that Apple has made explicitly for the AirPods.

This brought other benefits as well, such as faster pairing time, and 50% more talk time, etc.

Audio Performance

It is believed that the headphone and earpods offer low quality when it comes to audio profiles. But this is not completely true. Because with innovation and advancement in technology, devices, and their qualities and efficiencies are only getting better and better.

This can be proved, as AirPods Pro’s audio quality is really good. It has a provocative presentation and fair levels of bass.

The advantage that the Pro model offers is that it has a noise cancellation feature. This is absent in the previous two models, along with the absence of adaptive EQ. This feature, according to the shape of the user’s ear, tunes the frequencies to low or mid-level, offering a more immersive sound experience.

On the other hand, if you are comparing the sound quality or audio profiles of the earpod with headphones, then it will not be a just comparison as headphones offer high levels of quality audio, especially the premium ones.

Distinctive Features

The latest AirPods Pro is IPX4 water, as well as sweat-resistant. This feature or this capability is not present in the first AirPods and the upgraded AirPods. And Pro version also has the specialty that its ear tips come in three different sizes for the user to get a perfect fit.

Moreover, the AirPods Pro has two microphones for better noise cancellation and force sensor on the stem that provides the user with more controls than the previous one. And for enhanced pressure equalization, the design of AirPods Pro is equipped with a vent system.

So one can say that the 3rd generation AirPods have a lot to offer to its patrons.


The AirPods Pro has several control options, simple pressing and holding on either one of the AirPods will let you change the noise cancellation mode to transparency one. With transparency mode, you can listen to your favorite track and side by side, pay attention to your surroundings as well.

Also, with just one tap on the stem allows you to answer a call or play a track or pause it. With two taps, you can skip forward to the next track, and with three taps, you can skip back.


When it comes to the Processor, the discussion is going to be about the chip of the device. The Airpods Pro has H1 Chip. It is because of this H1 chip that the latter two devices can provide faster connectivity with active devices and that it claims to be two times faster than the original AirPods.

And other features such as double the talk time and speedy connectivity over phone calls, 30% less latency at the time of gaming, are all made possible with the help of this H1 chip only.

Digital Assistant Siri

The latest model offers an advantage in this one as well. This is because the original model did not support Siri, although patrons can still use it via their iPhone or Apple watch. But with the AirPods Pro, users can make calls, ask for directions, play music, or change the volume by just using their voice.

Now, this is done with the ‘Hey Siri’ feature of the digital assistant Siri by Apple. And this feature is available in AirPods Pro with the help of the H1 chip.

Wireless Charging Case

The standard charging method for the AirPods Pro is the wireless one, unlike the other two.

The wireless charging case is compatible with the Qi, and this means that you can charge your Apple AirPods in the absence of any sort of wire with the help of the Qi charging pad. And this wireless charging case can be bought separately as well.

Talk Time

The original AirPods offer just two hours of talk time, along with 5 hours of listening. While the AirPods 2 delivers a talk time of 3 hours, one hour more than the first generation. The AirPods Pro is believed to beat the older models as it promises to provide 3.5 hours of talking and listening time of 4.5 hours.

Moreover, if you keep the noise cancellation mode and the transparency mode ‘Off,’ you will be able to get a listening time of 5 hours. Also, with only 15 minutes of charge, you will be able to get two more hours of talk time and three more hours of listening.

So it is quite beneficial when it comes to serving the purpose, especially the later ones.

Summing it Up - Airpod Pro is one of the Best?

If controls and advanced features are what matters most to you, then picking up the AirPods Pro will be the right decision to make. Not to forget the IPX4 sweat and water-resistance that the Pro model provides.

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